Bryan and Brenda Doak

We are blessed to have TWO Double R Griffons and couldn’t be more happier with both. Both, Bodhi and Utah, have an amazing hunting drives but also are amazing family dogs. Amazing!

Cody from Oregon

Jasper was one of Harley and Boscos 2017 Halloween pups. Waterfowl in the freezing cold or countless miles chasing chukars, I couldn't ask for a better pal to spend time with.

Laurien from Montana

Max and Lily have been great companions. If you are looking for a WPG these dogs are strong pointers and love to retrieve. Max is high energy & Lily is sweet and gritty.

Hayes Family from Oregon

We’ve had our Milly from Double R Griffons for two years and she is the BEST dog! She is a great hunter but also a wonderful family dog. We highly recommend Double R Griffons!

Joshua from Massachusetts

Heart felt welcome at Kayleigh and Rowdy’s home. This pup now lives in Massachusetts and is amazing. Wise beyond his time on this earth. Easy to train and eager to please. A+++

Tracy and Chris

After decades of being lab owners we pulled this trigger and finally got a Griff. I’ve never been happier with a pup. Double R does an amazing job. Can’t wait for my next one.

Michelle from Montana

We’ve had Emma for a year and a half, and can safely say that she is the funniest, smartest, most exuberant, and most persevering hunting dog we’ve ever had. She’s fearless and loves taking on a challenge. She has a great nose and a natural hunting ability. Rowdy and Kayleigh are always available to answer any questions. You can tell that they love their dogs. If we decide to get another Griff, we will definitely go back.

Jennifer from Tri Cities

Be prepared for a wild and high energy ride! Mando is a machine!! He will just keep on going. I think that speaks for a lot of these pups. Great hunting companion! We love him!!

LJ from Pennsylvania

We highly recommend Double R Griffons. Our new family member and hunting partner joined us this week and he is the perfect addition to our family. The breeders were very responsive to answering all of our questions and helping us coordinate with our transporter. We would definitely work with them again if we decide to expand our fur family in the future

Tony from Boise, Idaho

Mr Ralls is a first class breeder and loves his dogs. I brought my new little girl home last week. Already retrieving and pointing! Also will sit already in front of food dish for 30 seconds without moving. Very impressive for an 8 week old pup. Can't wait for next fall. Thanks Double R Griffons

Sage from Fort Jones, California

We are so in love with our sweet girl from Double R Griffons! Very well socialized, healthy and happy! Went above and beyond to make sure I got my pup and drove a long ways to meet me, and didn’t have to.

Shane from Montana

My Lucy pup is such a sweet dog and I can tell her hunting instincts are strong! Already pointing at 8 weeks. Thanks for such a high quality pedigree

Jake from Boise, Idaho

I recommend you guys to others looking from Griffons. His build is very sturdy and healthy. I have noticed that some other dogs of his breed is disproportion. Keep making these beautiful dogs!


Awesome dogs good blood lines mine is 3 months old already hunting well mannered easiest pup I've started to date

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