Our Dogs


Double R Griffon's Bosco

Bosco has been Hip/Penn certified with good ratings. He has such a great temperament and is an amazing family dog. He has such a great strong hunting drive and will work as long as you want him to.


Double R Griffon's Tilly

Tilly is the most sweetest girl in the world. She was the easiest dog to potty train and train as a pup. She loves to be a lap dog and have attention. Her drive is absolutely insane! She likes to work closer to you out in the field. She will hold a strong point and do anything you ask her to do!

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Double R Griffon's Lucky

Lucky is a sweet girl that just wants attention! She is a very active dog and has very strong hunt drive to her. Her nose is incredible. She loves to carry things around in her mouth and loves kids and other dogs



Double R Griffon's Dutchess

Dutch is one of the best family dogs around. She is an absolute sweetheart and loves our 8 months old. She has a very goofy personality. Starting out to be a good bird dog working close range.

Our Retired Dogs


Double R Griffon's Boomer

Boomer was my very first griffon. He is the one who started it all. He was the best dog you could have ever asked for. 


Double R Griffon's Harley

Harley is one of our retired females. She has the sweetest heart and will do anything you ask her to do. She love attention and sitting next to you. She is the mom to some amazing dogs!


Double R Griffon's Lady

Lady was our very first female that I ever had. She loves to sleep and be lazy!